Friday, November 1, 2013

Making new friends at The Green People Festival

It's always nice to meet new people and what better place than at a festival that brings together like minded people who care about the planet? The Bicycle Project decided to brighten things up a bit with some LED lights on our beloved tandem and folks were only too happy to pose with it for our cameras.
We hope to see you at the festival, only two more days to go!!! 
Amit Gupta, Chief Green Officer of Green Why Not?

Diana Linda and Jude Rosemeyer

Ravi Hariani, Sky Write

Simona Terron, The Bicycle Project co-founder

Dr Stefan Elmquist and Apurva Kothari of No Nasties

Suki Dusanj and her enthusiastic friend

Yukta Gogia

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

TBP's new poster!

Big thanks to Amit Naik for designing our new poster, which will be up at The Green People Festival this Friday, October 25 till Saturday, November 2. We hope to see you there...
Feel free to take a print out of this poster and put it up in your building, school, college, favourite store, etc. Spread the word!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

TBP at The Green People Festival

The Bicycle Project participating in The Green People Festival

Come visit us at the most exciting event for those who care about the planet 

The Bicycle Project is thrilled to announce that it will be participating in The Green People Festival from October 25 to November 2, 2013 from 11 am to 8:30 pm at the Birla Wellness Center in Juhu, Mumbai.

The 9 day festival will have all kinds of fun stuff going on related to the cause of saving our lovely Mother Earth. So if you wish to be a part of it, please drop in and say hello to us at our stall, tell your friends too and if you possibly can, please feel free to volunteer with us - it might be something as simple as manning the stall with us on certain days for a few hours or something more generous! 

If you're interested, please drop us an email at the earliest stating your contact details clearly and we will get in touch with you.